Sunday, 23 September 2012

Nail Varnish Collection & Storage

Hi again, its Sunday, the weather is awful! Rainy, wet and miserable. So i decided to have a good sort through my nail varnishes and throw away any that i have had for too long that have gone so gloopy even a few drops of nail varnish remover wont save it :(. 
Here is the finished result! I have organised the nail varnishes by brand instead of colour, but that is just personal preference :)
The box to the right contains tools such as, nail files, cuticle clippers, nail art brushes, gems and flower nail art. Then behind that i have all my manicure and pedicure products, the brand is Skin Truth and they are perfect, i cannot fault them! the pedicure products are blue/Green and smell like mint leaving your feet feeling tingly and clean, while the manicure ones smell more floral. The products in the bottles are; pedicure foot lotion, hygiene spray, foot soak, foot scrub, foot mask and a re-vitalizing spray. The manicure ones are orange, i have; hand soak, hygiene spray, hand mask and at the back in a tub is cuticle massage cream. 
Also to the sides of the draw i keep two brushes, one for hands and one for feet when applying the mask. 
Birds eye view of the draw finished :). 
Thanks for reading. 


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